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Mental Health

Blue Apple Training offers life-changing and potentially life-saving OFQUAL regulated courses. 

Our Mental Health First Aid courses aim to teach people how to understand, recognise and help a person who may be developing a mental health problem. In the same way we learn physical first aid, mental health first aid teaches you crucial warning signs of mental ill-health.

Below we’ve outlined the three levels of courses so that you can choose what is right for your organisation.

Level 2 Certificate – Awareness of Mental Health Problems

Around 450 million people worldwide suffer from a mental health problem. You can help tackle this challenge by increasing your knowledge with our level 2 certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems. This course will help you gain new knowledge and skills for your personal life as well as your career. It covers lots of different mental health problems, including stress, anxiety, phobias, depression, dementia, eating disorders and schizophrenia. You’ll learn about the signs and symptoms of different mental health conditions and how to manage them, as well as gaining an understanding of mental health legislation and guidance.

This course is essential if you want to learn how to improve your own mental health and wellbeing or to help the mental health of those around you.

This qualification will help you to operate independently and effectively in life, learning and work, and can assist you in progressing into either further training or education. This qualifcation will help you recognise a range of personal and social skills, and encourage and support you to develop them. Developing your personal and social skills will complement your learning in other areas, such as vocational learning or functional skills. The qualification aims to develop and formally recognise your personal and social skills, build on your own achievements, and make them appropriate and meaningful for you

Once you have completed one of our learning programmes you will be eligible to sign up for the Blue Apple Recruitment agency.

We work with a wide range of local and national employers who come to us for help with their recruitment processes.

Once you have proved to us that you are willing and capable of completing your programme of study with a positive attitude, good work ethic and with good attendance and punctuality, then we may be able to put you in front of an employer for a guaranteed interview.

We will always ask your permission before arranging an interview for you – but if it is work you want, then you have come to the right place.

Level 1 Award & Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage.
The warehousing and storage of goods is an essential part of any logistics operation. Our Principles of Warehousing and Storage qualifications are perfect for those currently seeking employment in this sector.

These qualifications will give you insight into the warehousing and storage industry. You'll learn how to undertake preparations for receiving goods, use different stock control methods and the best way to report and record any variations. You will also learn about the best health and safety practices to help minimise potential risks.

This Cleaning Principles qualification is the best way to brush up on your skills and show your competency to employers in one of the largest business sectors in the UK. You will know the difference between routine and non-routine waste and the best products to use to get the cleanest, freshest look that customers love. You'll learn how to use and dispose of chemicals, and why health and safety must be at the forefront of everything you do. This course will teach you how to tackle cleaning tasks from floors and washrooms to specialist areas with ease.

Digital Skills is a course that can help you learn the skills you need for this increasingly digital world. You'll develop skills to help you at home and at work, such as knowing how to filter search results or bookmark useful links. You will learn the basics of digital safety and security when using your devices and how to collaborate online professionally. The course will allow you to demonstrate your competency in digital literacy skills to employers.

Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Customer Service.
These Customer Service qualifications will develop learners’ knowledge of customer service principles and why they are important to an organisation. Learners will find out about how to meet customer expectations and how standards of presentation and behaviour affect customer satisfaction and expectations. Learners will also learn about current legislative, regulatory and organisational requirements, including the importance of data protection.

These qualifications provides valuable progression opportunities as the knowledge it offers is transferable within a customer service environment and across many different sectors, because good customer service is needed in most aspects of business life.

Level 1 Certificate in Retail Knowledge
The Retail Knowledge qualification offers an engaging programme for those who are clear about the vocational area that they wish to learn more about. Learners will focus on the key areas of retail that will provide a strong foundation to a career in the retail sector such as, working in a retail team, dealing with transactions, understanding the selling process and basic legislation which governs the industry.

If you are considering a career in retail, this qualification may give you the advantage you’re looking for in the recruitment process.

Level 1 Certificate in Workskills
Workskills is designed to develop the capabilities that learners need for work either immediately or in the future. This qualification will develop skills such as employability and personal and social skills, and provide an opportunity to explore an occupational area. Learners will also have the opportunity to develop their interview skills and understand how to create an effective CV and covering letter to give them the edge in the recruitment process.

If you need general help with increasing your confidence in an interview or how to ‘sell yourself’ to an employer on your CV and covering letter – then this is the course for you.

For employers where time is of the essence, we also provide a fee-based recruitment agency solution. We have a large database of candidates who have been through our recruitment training courses and vetting process and who available for immediate work. We can provide candidates for interview at short notice and only charge a fixed fee if a candidate starts employment with the company.

Our Handpicked employment support scheme is our FREE community based recruitment solution where we work closely with Job Centre Plus and other support agencies to short list suitable job seekers from the local area onto an employer specific recruitment course. The courses usually last 2 - 3 weeks where the candidates undertake a series of individual learning tasks and group or team working activities. Candidates are assessed on attitude, attendance, punctuality, team working skills and work ethic, alongside any other employer specific criteria which is agreed at the commencement of the recruitment programme.

Successful candidates who pass the recruitment course are then offered a guaranteed interview with the employer, who will then make their final selection.

Our popular recruitment courses offer an accredited qualification for the candidates – so they can attend the employer interview with fresh knowledge, a relevant qualification and having been vetted by our recruitment experts whilst on the programme. Recruitment courses are available in:

  • Retail
  • Customer Service
  • Workskills
  • *Spectator Safety
  • Hospitality
  • Warehousing
  • Cleaning

Courses can also be tailored to include *additional extras like Emergency First Aid or Food Hygiene.

*An employer contribution may be required

Safeguarding is how we can protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from abuse or neglect by the actions, or lack of actions, of another person. In order to safeguard and protect persons from abuse or neglect we need to learn how to identify vulnerable individuals and take necessary steps to stop abuse and neglect.

Everyone has the right to be safe and live without the fear of abuse, neglect or exploitation and this course aims to teach you how torecognise the signs of abuse and neglect and what actions you can take to stop this from happening and occurring again in the future. Abuse, neglect and exploitation can occur anywhere and by anyone, quite often being a person of trust.

This course is designed for all persons, no matter the field that they are directly involved in, to give them the tools and knowledge to make a difference to a vulnerable person’s life. It will also let the practitioner reporting the abuse know how they can safeguard themselves in every day work, while seeking help and reporting the incident identified.

A minimum of 7 contact hours in the classroom.

A range of subjects is covered including:

  • Safeguarding legislation and guidance
  • Indicators of abuse or neglect
  • Making judgements
  • Communication
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Sharing of information
  • Dealing with and reporting of allegations and complaints
  • Assessment and marking

Upon successful completion of the qualification assessment, Learners will be awarded an Ofqual national Level 3 Award in England.

Age restrictions
Learners must be a minimum of 18 years of age upon course commencement.

Course numbers
A maximum of 12 learners can be accommodated on this course.

This qualification is suitable for all persons and will provide an understanding of safeguarding which can be used in a workplace, activity group or any instance where a person comes into contact with children or adults at risk. The qualification provides learners with the knowledge to identify a safeguarding concern, record a disclosure and report to the appropriate person.

Duration The minimum classroom contact time of 4 hours should be delivered over a minimum of half a day.
A range of Safeguarding related subjects are covered including:

  • Safeguarding legislation and guidance
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Abuse and neglect
  • Identifying concerns and disclosure
  • Making judgements
  • Reporting safeguarding concerns Numbers A maximum of 16 students are allowed on the course and must be a minimum of 14 years of age.

The qualification is assessed by a written assessment including open and multiple-choice questions. A learner must successfully pass the written assessment to achieve the qualification. There is no grading of the assessment; learners pass or are referred.

A Level 1 Award in Awareness of Safeguarding will be issued to the learner, subject to successful assessment. The qualification does not have an expiry date, but refresher training and keeping up to date with changes to policies, procedures and new legislation through ongoing CPD is vital.

Candidates successfully completing this Level 2 Certificate can progress on to the Level 3 and Level 4 in Spectator Safety. Level 3 would be an ideal progression for those candidates wishing to take up supervisory stewarding roles and Level 4 is ideal for safety officers and managers.

This course in Spectator Safety is designed for stewards working as part of a wider team and provides the underpinning knowledge requirements for the Level 2 Certificate in Spectator Safety.

Training and assessment is delivered onsite from your place of work (subject to COVID safety protocols) or at scheduled course dates.

Who is this qualification for?
This qualification is aimed at individuals working or wishing to work in the match day and events stewarding industry.

How long will it take?
The total qualification time for this qualification is 290 hours, of which 85 are recommended as guided learning hours.We usually deliver this programme over 8 classroom based sessions (within a 3 week period) followed by at least 1 live event to get some practical hands on experience of the role.

Topics covered:

  • Help to manage conflict
  • Contribute to the work of the team
  • Prepare for spectator events
  • Deal with accidents and emergencies
  • Control the entry, exit and movement of people at spectator events
  • Monitor spectators and deal with crowd problems

Level 3 Award – 2 day course
This Level 3 course is suitable for senior leaders and managers who are in a position to influence organisational change and/or who manage a team of staff or other mental health first aiders. It would also be suitable for individuals who want to study the subject area in more depth. Earn first aid for mental health skills and find out how to build a positive mental health culture in your organisation.

Includes all elements of the First Aid for Mental Health course, plus:

  • Increases detail of those elements covered in the First Aid for Mental Health course
  • PTSD
  • personality disorders
  • bipolar disorder
  • schizophrenia

All our courses are Ofqual regulated and accredited by FAA Awarding Organisation.

Level 2 Award – 1 day course
Become a first aider for mental health in your workplace & support those with suspected mental health conditions

Includes all elements of awareness course, plus:

  • increases detail of those elements covered in the awareness course
  • understand potential effects of drugs & alcohol abuse on mental health
  • understand & demonstrate first aid action plan for mental health
  • provide a positive mental health culture in your organisation and know how to implement it

Level 1 Award - Half day course
Learn to recognise a range of mental health conditions & signpost for professional help

  • Defines Mental Health
  • Understanding stigma & factors impacting Mental Health
  • Explains role of First Aider for Mental Health
  • Outlines advice giving for sufferers
  • Learn when to contact emergency services
  • Identify Signs of Stress
  • Be able to state how stress can be managed
  • Be able to identify signs & symptoms of depression, anxiety, psychosis, eating disorders, suicide & self-harm

This qualification is aimed those who are likely to be called upon to undertake or assist with providing CPR and defibrillation of a victim in cardiac arrest.
Using an AED immediately after sudden cardiac arrest can increase the chance of survival by more than 90%.

Topics covered

  • Chain of Survival
  • Assessing an Incident
  • Casualty Assessment
  • Managing an Unresponsive Casualty
  • Recovery Position
  • CPR
  • AED Safety Considerations
  • Using an AED
  • Combining AED Use with CPR
  • Using an AED on a Child
  • Procedures for When Emergency Services Arrive

Upon completion of the Ofqual-regulated course, delegates will receive a certificate that is valid for one year.

This first aid re-qualification course is ideal for anyone who has a First Aid at Work Certificate and is within 3 months of expiry where they need to be formally re-qualified for the next 3 years.

Topics covered

  • Principles of first aid
  • Prevention of cross-infection
  • Basic life support (CPR)
  • Managing breathing
  • Managing unconscious casualties
  • Wound and bleed treatment
  • Shock treatment and anaphylaxis
  • Burn, poisoning and eye treatment
  • Treating major and minor illnesses
  • Epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, poisoning
  • Record keeping and secondary surveys
  • Managing cardiac circulation
  • Managing asthma attacks and choking
  • Treating fractures and dislocation

By renewing these skills with this first aid re-qualification course, it ensures that you will be able to act decisively in high-stress situations where a colleague has had an accident or fallen ill.
Each learner will receive an Ofqual approved and nationally recognised First Aid at Work certificate which is valid for 3 years.

This Fully accredited First Aid at Work (FAW) course is a mandatory requirement for companies with a high hazard environment, larger sized organizations or companies whose risk assessment advised full qualification training for their first aiders. The course covers the HSE syllabus and complies with Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations and the approved code of practice L74 guidelines for the qualification of workplace first aiders.

Topics covered

  • Principles of first aid
  • Prevention of cross-infection
  • Breathing management
  • Managing unconscious casualties
  • Assessing and treating wounds & bleeds
  • Treating anaphylaxis
  • Treating shock or sudden poisoning
  • Treating burns, poisoning and eye injuries
  • Treating common major and minor illnesses
  • Managing asthma attacks and choking
  • Fractures, dislocations and head injuries
  • Managing epilepsy and diabetes
  • Record keeping and equipment use
  • Legal aspects and secondary surveys

Each learner will receive an Ofqual approved and nationally recognised First Aid at Work certificate which is valid for 3 years.

This fully accredited course gives the competence for assessing the situation or circumstances in order to act safely, promptly and effectively in an emergency, Administering First Aid to a casualty, Administering CPR and Providing appropriate First Aid for minor injuries.
The course provides plenty of theory and practical scenarios, you will receive plenty of assistance and guidance from your trainer.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to First Aid
  • First Aid in the workplace
  • Responsibilities of the First Aider
  • First Aid Protocols
  • Primary and Secondary Assessment
  • Recovery Position
  • Choking
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Unconsciousness
  • Wounds and Bleeding
  • Muscle Injuries
  • Incident Management

You will receive an Emergency First Aid at Work certificate that will remain valid for 3 years.